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Hi all!

Sorry to disappear in the middle of posting a story -- real life caught up with me, and I ended up having to redirect all my fandom efforts to [ profile] pt_pirates for a couple of months. : ) The good news is, we've made it successfully through the writing period, and the first story for the Fire and Ice: Eternal Purple Turtle Pirates Happy Style Exchange 2017 is now up! We've got fourteen in total, and we'll be posting them every other day over the course of the next few weeks. Swing by the comm if you're interested -- and if you don't quite manage to check LJ every other day, you can follow us on twitter at @pt_pirates for updates.

In other good news, once that's done, I'll be back to posting regularly scheduled updates. (Just thought it would be better to spread out the akame love a bit... ^__^)

Thanks for your patience!
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Hi all! So, I'm a bit late to my own party with this one. ^__^ A few months ago I took over as lead mod of the Akame fic exchange [ profile] pt_pirates. We're just getting started with our 2015 season, and sign-ups are open for 2 more days. If you're interested in writing an Akame fic for someone and getting an Akame fic from someone else in exchange, come check it out...

Sign-ups close at midnight UTC on the evening of Friday Dec. 4!

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So, I was playing with Akame manips on twitter (as one does), and I remembered I've been stashing away a bunch of wallpapers/etc. to post sometime when I had the chance.

Merry (early) Christmas!! ;)


Wallpapers )

Wallpapers That Are Akame Manips )

Icons )

Akame Manips That Aren't Large Enough To Be Wallpapers, But I Like Them Anyway... ;) )
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Title: Rondo
Author: FrameofMind
Pairing: HayaRyu
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Word Count: ~8,700
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters
Summary: Hayato does what Hayato wants. And Ryu doesn’t tell him to stop.
Author’s Note: This was the pinch-hit second story I wrote for the Drama Character challenge at [ profile] amigo_santa in the spring. Just a heads up—this story takes place both in the present and in flashback, and the “present” (for these purposes) is during the Gokusen movie. So it might help to be at least vaguely familiar with the movie plot…

Rondo )
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Author’s Note: A random, cracky idea that came to me in the process of writing Shuuji to Chikara. Best not to read it before reading the actual story, as it probably won’t make sense and might give away some stuff. (Also, um, please don’t expect too much from it…it will most likely disappoint you. ;) This piece is dedicated to my Ryo gurus, [ profile] dori_liv and [ profile] karilly… ;)

Shuuji to Chikara: Ryo-troll Omake )
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