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Never answered one of these "writer's block" things before, but this one I couldn't resist. The answer? I have absolutely no idea -- hundreds, at least. I have maybe sixty or seventy in my repertoire book, which means that I know them and they are (mostly) performance ready. I could get up in front of an audience with a pianist tomorrow and sing them without any trouble. Add to that numerous pieces from the various choirs I've sung with (mostly in high school), musical theatre songs that I know and love, but that aren't in the right range to be in my actual repertoire, a smattering of catchy commercial jingles, and of course several hundred popular songs from Nat King Cole to Billy Joel to the Spice Girls to Guster, and you've got quite a hefty pile. Really, I have absolutely no idea of the actual number. Honestly though, is there anybody in the entire world who doesn't know at least one song by heart -- or who knows so few of them that they could actually name them individually? Maybe if you were raised in a closet, or you were one of the Von Trapp children (post-mother's death, pre-Maria, of course), but really...

In other news, is it just me, or does it kinda look like Hearts of Ice is actually being updated? After, like, ten years. I'm trying not to get my hopes up (it helps that it's been a very long time since I read it...), but it looks like she's posted some new material, and from what I recall of how things ended before, it seems like this new material could actually contain the effective ending. I mean, I think there's still supposed to be an epilogue, but the conclusion of the story proper might actually be in the chapter that's just gone up...crazy...


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