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So, I was playing with Akame manips on twitter (as one does), and I remembered I've been stashing away a bunch of wallpapers/etc. to post sometime when I had the chance.

Merry (early) Christmas!! ;)


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Wallpapers That Are Akame Manips )

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Akame Manips That Aren't Large Enough To Be Wallpapers, But I Like Them Anyway... ;) )
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So, I was screencapping Gimme Luv, and when I grabbed that shot of the four guys in black-and-white with half their faces in shadow…I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I mean, the shadows were on the right side and everything... ;)

FabFour(icon) FabFour(wall)

While I'm at it, here are a few other random wallpapers and icons I've made over the last couple of months and never gotten around to putting anywhere:

Caught(PrisonerZero) BlackSatin Benched Cinderfella RealLife KameAtHome

And from shortly after I watched Ore Ore...

DNP(blue-glare) DNP(handcuff) DNP(shower) DNP(warning-sign)

(As usual, you can steal whatever you want...even the "Do Not Proliferation" signs... ;)
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So…I’ve been making wallpapers again…

Atlas MirrorMirror DosEquis Breakthrough

As usual, they're up for grabs if you want them. Not really sure how useful the third one would be as an actual wallpaper, but when I found that photo I just couldn't resist… ;)
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So, I was listening to Jin Akanishi’s “Seasons” the other day and caught a lyric I hadn’t caught before, and it immediately made me want to do something with it. My Akame image collection is too weak and tiny so far to make good wallpapers with, but I figured a photo of Kame captioned by a Jin lyric is sort of the next best thing. (The last one uses a lyric from "Kizuna" instead -- I just ran across that photo while I was working on the others and felt like playing with it...)

Anyway, up for grabs if you want them! I'm adding them to my collection post too...

RainyDay RainyDrive KienaiKonoKizuna

Wallpapers & Icons Collection
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So, lately my favorite hobby has been making wallpapers and icons out of idol photos, and I figured I might as well share them so that others can enjoy them as well. Half of them only make it onto my desktop for a day or two before the next idea comes along anyway. The vast majority feature Kame, but there are a few others sprinkled in there as well. (Actually, I've got a bunch of old Doctor Who-based icons somewhere too -- maybe I'll add those to the collection someday, if I can figure out where I put them... ;)

Feel free to take and use any that you like!

My Current Desktop:

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